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YZY OUI FI is born from leak of broadband in some Area that was solve with wild wifi Area.

The setup of several services was required such as authentifying users system, network security, then the discreasment of maintain act and fast and easy deployment systems contribute to a solid and cheap model.

YZY OUI FI became a reference in wireless networking...Our Hotspot service that follow legal rules have been taken as base (or used as we provide it) by several CSP for their own business. Now we also provide VPN turn key solution for those who want to start such a busyness.

Our produces are synonymous of trust, solid, and easy to set up...

We are developpers of our solution, we never contract someone to do the job for us, thus we fully control  our system (From A to Z).
As our model did not require a big staff to be deployed, our prices are lowest than many of our competitors.

  • Your custom Firmware

  • Free Download