Hacked By Team System Dz...then by Yzy ! :)

 I am Muslim(but real Muslim do not care nor trust me)
& I love jihad, and i love to have my ass drilled by a big goat dick

 I love isis <3, but don't worry, i will probably die within a week, i do not have brain, i m just Cannon fodder

A message to all peoples of the world
We are stupid, we were drug sellers and so on
We just know how to write our name
We think God make difference between people, and we are stupid enough to believe there is place in God's paradise for killers, rapist, and goat fucker

Hackers isis (note that Isis was a Egyptian god, and we said we do not trust in anything except muslim god) /.

Here is some of our friend who would like to be fucked to!  : Me ( PoTi_SaD-Dz ) |Zilzal-Jo | Sami ChiChirovo | hamzah.uyguna | Ombre | MR.QLQ

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